We understand that the increased use of technology in business creates a bigger impact on our global climate, and our emissions footprint will only increase as we become more reliant on new technologies in the future. We must therefore take an innovative approach to using IT in order to mitigate these emissions. Following the recommendations of the Australian Computer Society’s Green ICT Policy, we are currently exploring approaches which will mitigate our emissions contribution, and we encourage our clients and contract staff to do the same where possible.

This includes:

•   Leveraging innovative technologies to reduce power consumption

•   Adopting energy efficient practices such as workspace hibernation and a “log off, shut down, switch off” policy

•   The replacement of conventional telephone equipment with soft IP phone clients on computer workstations

•   Responsible purchasing – seeking commercial IT products which use an energy star rating system

•   Upgrading to Green Technology – finding vendors who offer energy efficient green technology products

•   Waste accountability – the responsible disposal of technology

•   Server consolidation and virtualisation

•   Carbon Offset Programs