Asset Manager

Asset Manager is an easy to use
web based system that simplifies workflow and the reporting process around organisations’ owned and leased assets whilst providing transparency across complex and diverse portfolios.

Asset Manager’s powerful reporting engine aggregates information across the asset portfolio. Once implemented,
the system can track, organisations’ cost and usage, measuring variance and compliance. Reporting functions are customisable with the capability to generate snapshots of any aspect of the asset portfolio at any given point allowing an organisation to report on its current position, bringing a new wealth of information to the strategic planning processes.

Flexible and Configurable

Asset Manager accommodates complete personalisation and flexibility for organisations and individual users. The fully customisable design makes it easy to accurately configure a portfolio structure from an investment portfolio to managing fixed infrastructure assets, transport fleets, to laptops, phones and pad’s.

Critical dates for all leased, sub-leased, tenanted properties and assets are tracked and integrated with Outlook, allowing for calendar alerts to keep stakeholders aware of critical dates and events.

Contracts & Invoices

Asset Manager factors in all types of income and expenses associated with a particular asset or group. Further, the software allows interfaces to your general ledger with accounting software such as SAP. 

The software provides capability to track usage cost and variances to historical information. In addition, management and user reports can be customized to seamlessly interface into your current technology environment.

Each lease record captures the data required to quantify Lease assets and Liability for reporting against IFRS Lease Accounting Standards.

Files & Contacts – A Place for Everything

Asset manager has a fully independent and stand-alone document repository providing a single source accusable from any part of your organisation. Alternatively, asset manager also has the capability to interface into existing portfolios and financial platforms.



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