TaylorCoulter offer a range of Data Migration services to fast track your organization’s capability to meet new Business Information Modeling (BIM) Standards required for the Engineering, Civil and Building sectors. We specialize in data migration, data profiling, cleansing and testing.




As part of the migration process TaylorCoulter can provide the following services.

  • Project Management
  • Map source data to target data
  • Audit source data
  • Define business rules for target data
  • Data enhancement before migration
  • Validation and testing upon completion of the migration

We recommend engaging TaylorCoulter with a Proof of Concept (POC).

POC’s are typically two to four week in duration and tightly targeted towards showcasing our capability to meet target data requirements. POC’s provide the cornerstone to a long term working relationship with your organisation.

Upon successful completion of a Proof of Concept we can easily transition to a full project engagement.