Covering the constant changes and processes within a production factory can be a challenging factor in today’s environment. Mitigating peaks and troughs when dealing with high invoice numbers and a wide range of supplier’s can be pivotal in the success of the production of a factory.

ACE has developed a fully automatic operating system, incorporating all of the latest and innovative production support trends. This progressive modelling platform called ACE EP paves the way for a revolutionary new generation of system implementation.



ACE’s EP system now has more than 23 modules, highly focused for each factory area such as material, warehouse, production, maintenance, purchasing, asset, finance, document, quality management. Other modules can be designed to meet your organisations specific needs.

The integration software also covers all material movements with technology leading RFID contact free scanning. Capability to provide fully electronic invoice processing with validation and verification, maintenance of the factory on a visual 3D model and full maintenance history are also key features.