ACE has spent years perfecting the operation and maintenance portal, proving to be one of the most visionary state of the art products and endorsed by the business community, winning multiple awards for best practice worldwide.

This ACE system focuses on enhancing an organisation’s existing software such as (GIS, SCADA, dispatching or telemetry), coagulating and integrating complex software interfaces into one user friendly and easy to read location.

System capabilities:

• Maintenance schedules
• Telemetry
• Logistic information
• Related documents – contracts and operational documents
• Parts information
• Breakdown of parts
• Scan shapes and barcodes
• Customer information
• Mapping location of worker/customer


Mobile Inspection Portal

In order to clearly and unambiguously approve the partners’, working towards reimbursement of project milestones, or in order to verify the necessary parameters, this area provides a mobile inspection portal to enable on field workers.

Are you interested in actual costs or profitability of individual parts in the production or distribution network?

These templates offer the ability to view all relevant information directly in your GIS or SCADA.