ACE has built and developed a professional HR portal solutions that can easily connected to SAP or other systems. From processing HR agenda as time management, security entry system and many others, ACE ensures that every employee has the relevant information to hand.

ACE’s HR portal includes a variety of templates, such as templates for master data, where the system works with data such as:

     - Workers Data
     - Organizational structure
     - Jobs and descriptions
     - Qualification

The HR portal may also contain templates for approving absences and allowing you to set your own workflow approval for all types of absences, such as vacation, training and so on. This area subsequently provides a calendar of the current plan of vacations and holidays, while colored coded differently according to the condition of their approval.

ACE has also implemented the requirements for the number of the employees needed for a certain task, department, or project. This addition to the system can help management to accept or deny the leave requested with not impacting the running of the organisation or creating issues in certain areas (such as the operating room, utility companies dispatching, maintenance crew, object protection, etc.).

ACE has developed an automatic ‘sensing presence’ of the employee and labor time by the automatic signing in to MS Windows™. This system can track employees within the organisation and show real time locations (in the case of identification on floors or in rooms - for example in areas with radiation (X-ray departments), laboratories or guarded areas).

The HR portal also includes the following attributes:

     • Approval of bonuses
     • Deductions
     • Entire recruiting process
          - Advertisement
          - Collection of clients
          - On-boarding
          - Off-boarding
     • Creating a new employee