In the recruitment of permanent and contract technical professionals, TaylorCoulter uses a knowledge-based, strategic approach. We begin by building a complete picture of your technical and business environment. This knowledge base is supplemented by regular communications plus ongoing market research. We are able to then tailor unique candidate sourcing strategies for your organisation; to anticipate future development in your industry and skill base, allowing us to recruit proactively and offer shared market intelligence reporting.Our recruitment personnel have either technical backgrounds or undergo technical training to enable them to develop a clearer picture of your technical needs. We identify your corporate culture and use behavioural-based assessment techniques to find candidates for your organisation that will be an ideal team fit. This, together with our professional guarantee, helps mitigate potential hiring risks. Knowledge based recruiters not only add value in the delivery of more accurate candidate submission, but are able to work on strategic needs, such as assisting in the identification and delivery of hard to find experts.

In the recruitment of permanent personnel, we are able to offer an advanced array of screening including security checks and pre-employment medicals; this together with our professional guarantee mitigates the risk of bad hiring decisions.